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Lauren Calarco Zummo, MS

Proud Owner of Prana Pilates & Yoga and
Prana Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Acupuncturist & Herbalist LAc
Exercise Physiologist MS,
Sports Medicine BS
Pilates Master Trainer Polestar Comprehensive Trained & Certified
Yoga Alliance 


As she guides clients toward achieving their fitness goals, exercise guru Lauren Zummo also immerses them in her own fitness interests. Zummo is the owner of Prana Pilates & Yoga, where she draws from years of experience in movement analysis and a graduate degree in exercise physiology to train groups of no more than six students at a time. She helps them hone core strength in Pilates reformer classes, tone lean muscle in cardio barre classes, and learn poses and breathing techniques in her basic yoga classes.

Prana is the dream and proud Pilates & Yoga Zen Den creation of Fitness Guru and Exercise Physiologist Lauren Zummo MA. She is Pilates, Yoga & Fitness Master trainer in all realms including treating clients suffering with chronic back problems, knee and shoulder injuries and various muscular imbalances. Clients travel to work with this inspiring & talented gal who takes pride in keeping her sessions highly challenging for the level of the student and FUN at the same time. Sports Teams, Doctors, Beginners, Body Builders, Classical Pilates Students, Instructors and Children all love her casual yet unpretentious style of high end precise training sessions that are completely tailored entirely to each individual’s anatomy and specific needs. Lauren holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from Adelphi University as well as a BA in Sports Medicine from Catawba College. Certified in all Equipment through Pilates on Fifth and IM=X, Yoga through the Rahini Institute and YogaFit, Children’s Yoga & a Doula through DONA. Her amazing reputation is because she honestly loves her clients and the ART of training and is the epitome of a Movement Specialist who provides results for every client without further injury. If asked she will always say she LOVES her job but is proudest of being Mama to four beautiful Yoginis Lola, Dylan, Livi & Lily :).

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